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Adding tasks to Todoist from the command line

I’ve been using Todoist for close to ten years. I find it a great tool to track my task and get ideas out of my head. There is a browser implementation and apps which works on pretty much works on every OS. Since I spend a lot of time in my code editors such as Vim and VSCode. Both which have community plugins for Todoist. However I wanted something which will work the same in all my editors which I use. The following code goes through how I wrote a simple bash script to add items to my Todoist account.

Adding tasks to todoist from the command line

Setting up a SSH Config File

From time to time there are occasions where I need to SSH to a server. In the past when I was on a Windows machine I would use Putty. Now that I’m using Linux on a day to day basis. I can no longer use Putty I wasn’t to keen on using the traditional way of ssh remote_username@remote_host. As I have several servers and I don’t always have the IP Addresses and usernames to hand. So i’m going to demonstrate how to connect to server using a SSH config file.

How to create a SSH config file