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How to create a search filter with faceting in VueJs

I’m a big fan of VueJs, It’s a great framework.  In this quick example I am going to write a Quick search that will filter out results as you type into the search box and it will also have a facet filtering similar to what you see on eCommerce sites.

How to create a search filter and facet in VueJs

How to write a Password strength indicator in VueJs

My current place of work like most site has a password strength indicator. The requirements for the password is it has to be longer than seven characters, a capital letter, a special character and a number. All these requirements are currently hidden behind a tooltip. Which isn’t ideal for the user experience. An approach I saw recently was list all the requirements and change the opacity once they have been validated. I thought this would be idea for my work site. So I decided to rebuild it in Vue.

Password Strength using Vue

Youtube Gallery using VueJS

At work recently I created a youtube gallery widget using a mixture of jQuery and HandlebarJS. I decide to rebuild my Gallery widget but using VueJs framework something I’ve not used before.

Youtube Gallery using VueJS