Front End

Restrict access to a website to only certain IP Addresses

When building a new website there is a number of ways in which you can allow the user to see the site before launch. The way in which I tend to prefer is once the site is live give the client the a record and request them to change there host file so they can get to the site. However not all people have the ability to change there host file. My fallback process is get the user IP Address and add it to htaccess file.

Restrict access to a website to only certain IP Addresses

How to write a Password strength indicator in VueJs

My current place of work like most site has a password strength indicator. The requirements for the password is it has to be longer than seven characters, a capital letter, a special character and a number. All these requirements are currently hidden behind a tooltip. Which isn’t ideal for the user experience. An approach I saw recently was list all the requirements and change the opacity once they have been validated. I thought this would be idea for my work site. So I decided to rebuild it in Vue.

Password Strength using Vue

Using Npm instead of Gulp to compile Sass

I’m a big fan of Gulp, I’ve been using it for over two years recently I found myself using NPM scripts for my Javascript Applications. So I decided to see if it possible for me to use NPM also to compile my sass files.