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Favourite matches of 2015

2015 was a a up and down year for both Wrestling and Mma. But for in ring/octagon action they’re has been loads of great matches. I decided like most site this time of the year I write a list of my favourite matches. The list isn’t in order and I’ve bound to of missed some gems.

Matches 2015

Tae Kwon Do Tournament Sparring Advice

The beginning of this year I decided to go back and start doing tournaments again. After my previous attempts went down like a lead balloon. I always used to give myself the typical excuses why I lost; I got the winner in the first round, the referee wasn’t scoring the fight correctly.

I decided to go back to the drawing board with a new outlook to my sparing, so far it’s paid off this year I have three medals from three tournament including – Tagb Men English Champion, Tagb Men Welsh Champion and 3rd place in the TAGB Midlands Championships.

Below are some of the things I notice from my latest tournaments and from my training. I am by no means an expert and these are just my thoughts if you have any suggestion drop them into the comments at the bottom of the page.

Tae Kwon Do Tournament Sparring Advice

Tae kwon do – 6th Kup – Green Belt Grading

A while back I started learning Tae Kwon Do, which is a martial arts which originated in Korea. Tae Kwon Do means Foot, Fist and way. It is well known for its dynamic kicks. The organisation I belong to is the TAGB which the largest martial arts organisation in Europe.

As I am doing my 6th Kup Grading I have wrote a quick guide for what is needed for the green belt grading.

Tagb Green belt