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Favourite matches of 2015

2015 was a a up and down year for both Wrestling and Mma. But for in ring/octagon action they’re has been loads of great matches. I decided like most site this time of the year I write a list of my favourite matches. The list isn’t in order and I’ve bound to of missed some gems.

Matches 2015

Sasha Banks vs Bayley (NXT Brooklyn)

I’m a big NXT fan so I enjoyed the journey Bayley went on to earn the titleshot. Bayley went in as an underdog against the bully heal of Sasha Banks. Both ladies played their parts well. A very solid and well done match. It was nice touch at the end when the ladies got together to have a curtain call moment with Charlotte and Becky Lynch. On a side note the fatal four way match that they all had together at NXT Takeover:Rival almost made list.

Brad Pickett vs Thomas Almeida

Almeida is a legit fighter. Pickett took Almeida into deep water and he was able to survive. Pickett was using great stand up and head movement. The ending was fantastic Almeida landed a well placed flying knee to Pickett.

John Cena vs Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

For in ring actions for me this year all three of these wrestlers have delivered when they needed to in their matches. Loads of great spots in the match Brock Lesnar suplexing everything that moved, The Phoenix Splash and the elbow drop onto the Spanish announce table. After the elbow drop I thought that Brock would drop the title has he was contemplating on returning back to the UFC. But he got Seth and delivered a thunderous F5.

Holly Holm Vs Ronda Rousey

Holly Holm came in with a plan how to beat Ronda Rousey as the former champ even predicted herself. Holm used perfect footwork and angles. Ronda usual strategy is bull rush her opponents and overwhelm them into either the cage or a takedown. Holm left Ronda attacking dead space. The final sequence of the head kick was the product of hardwork and a great team behind her.

Kevin Owens vs John Cena (Elimination Chamber)

Any NXT fan knows how great of a heel Kevin Owens is he has great mannerisms and how he carriers himself. He was coming into this match as the NXT champion. John Cena who has been on tear having A+ matches with anyone who he shared the ring with. Both men brought out their big moves and their was plenty of close falls. During the match everyone thought they wouldn’t let Big Match John lose to someone from on their debut match(Carlito doesn’t count). By letting Owen get the win adds credibility to the NXT title and makes Owens look like a monster.

Robbie Lawler vs Rory MacDonald

This match is what you call a war. Both fighters was leaving everything in the octagon. I had Rory winning going into the fifth round until Lawler finished Rory.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable vs Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa (NXT 304)

I’m a fan of good technical wrestling and these guys put on a great ppv quality match. There was lots of big spots and selling and some great work by Gargano & Ciampa cutting the ring in half and working on Gable. Truly an excellent a match and anyone with the network I recommend looking out for it.

Nieky Holzken vs Raymond Daniels (Glory 19)

Neiky perform the perfect gameplan against Raymond Daniels with loads of well placed body shots and forcing Daniels to fight in the corner. The pair will meet again later on in the year but I did prefer this fight.

Other Matches I enjoyed

Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker

John Lineker V Francisco Rivera

Edson Barboza V Paul Felder

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