Front End

Converting Bootstraps accordions to a Vue.js component

From time to time I have to use Bootstrap it’s usually on legacy projects as I tend to prefer to use utility based frameworks such as Tailwindcss. In an attempt to make it more easier to create accordions. I decided to rewrite the Bootstrap collapse accordion code into a Vue.js component.

Converting Bootstrap collapse to a VueJS Component

Front End Developer switching from Windows to Linux

I’ve now been using Linux on my machine at home for close to a year. I decided to go all in when I has some problems with my windows machine booting up. All of my files are stored on either onedrive, bitbucket or an external hard drive. So I took the plunge and went to using Linux full time.

How to create a search filter with faceting in VueJs

I’m a big fan of VueJs, It’s a great framework.  In this quick example I am going to write a Quick search that will filter out results as you type into the search box and it will also have a facet filtering similar to what you see on eCommerce sites.

How to create a search filter and facet in VueJs

Restrict access to a website to only certain IP Addresses

When building a new website there is a number of ways in which you can allow the user to see the site before launch. The way in which I tend to prefer is once the site is live give the client the a record and request them to change there host file so they can get to the site. However not all people have the ability to change there host file. My fallback process is get the user IP Address and add it to htaccess file.

Restrict access to a website to only certain IP Addresses