Front End

Truncating lines of text in CSS using line clamp

Line Clamp is one of those tools which I wish had existed when I first started to code similar to Border-radius and Box shadow.  In a nutshell what Line clamp allows you to do is restrict the number of lines to display based on property value in css.

Using Clamp in Css

Using CSS Variables with TailwindCss

I’m a big fan of TailwindCss, I tend to use it for all of my new projects which I’m building. However in some instances I find myself reaching to write custom styles and I’m unable to use the Tailwind apply directive. In situations like this it’s good to be able to use CSS Variables.

Using CSS Variables with TailwindCss

Useful Vim commands and tips

When coding I often switch between both Vim and VScode. The main thing which always impresses me is the amount of commands which are in the editor. Vim is one of them editors the more you put into it the more you get out of it. I have listed some of the command which tend to use the most.

Useful Vim commands and tips

Converting Bootstraps accordions to a Vue.js component

From time to time I have to use Bootstrap it’s usually on legacy projects as I tend to prefer to use utility based frameworks such as Tailwindcss. In an attempt to make it more easier to create accordions. I decided to rewrite the Bootstrap collapse accordion code into a Vue.js component.

Converting Bootstrap collapse to a VueJS Component

Front End Developer switching from Windows to Linux

I’ve now been using Linux on my machine at home for close to a year. I decided to go all in when I has some problems with my windows machine booting up. All of my files are stored on either onedrive, bitbucket or an external hard drive. So I took the plunge and went to using Linux full time.

Kubuntu Logo