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Moving from Sass to PostCss

Now that I tend to use TailwindCss for most of my projects I’ve noticed that I don’t really use Sass anymore. I was and still a huge fan of Sass/Scss and I still do use it on legacy projects. When I first started using Sass, I used to use loads of the features sass offers such as writing functions to build grids, convert px to rems and create colour palettes. But now CSS is getting increased features this isn’t the case much anymore.

How to use and add VTT to a video

I’ve been doing a lot of work recently on WCAG guidelines on making websites accessible and usable for all users. Something which I discovered and never knew about is using WebVTT which is a basic text file to add subtitles, audio description to video rather than embed straight into the video.

How to use and add VTT to a video

Truncating lines of text in CSS using line clamp

Line Clamp is one of those tools which I wish had existed when I first started to code similar to Border-radius and Box shadow.  In a nutshell what Line clamp allows you to do is restrict the number of lines to display based on property value in css.

Using Clamp in Css