Front End

Current workflow using SVN

At my place of work we currently use Svn in the office for our version control. Altogether their are 10 dev which use the codebase its a mixture of four frontend developers and six backend developers. As a team we have been using SVN for over five years. I’m going to describe a high level overview of our svn workflow in the office.

svn workflow

Dynamically generate the current year

It’s coming up to my favorite time of the year where dev go through their site and update the year of the copyright of the site. But this is such a tedious task which you should allow the code to do itself. I’m going to demo a couple ways to update the change the date.


Front end developer moving to Laravel

I’ve been doing front end for a quite a while, I decided to back into server side development.  I’ve work a lot in the past in WordPress building and writing my own themes and plugins for my WordPress projects.  But they’re is no better feeling than building your own application from the ground up.


Different Charts Api

I recently worked on a project which required to build admin application which needed to produce some insight reports. Like most projects of this sort it required using a charting package. I decided to spend an hour with each one and build a basic bar chart. To see how each api performs.

Different Charts Api