Front End

Web testing with PhantomCss

When working on large projects with multiple developers over time a stylesheet can become very difficult and time consuming making changes. As the butterfly effect can truly kick in when you have to track what changes affect which ones through the site. Changing the width of a container on one page can ruin another layout of another page.

Web Testing with PhantomCss

How to create your own mini search in your browser toolbar

One of my favorite features which I like to add to sites which I’m working on is a Browser Mini Search Box. This feature can be used in Firefox and Internet Explorer. It’s very easy to do but very surprising more sites don’t use this feature.

The Art of Css Warfare

I have been a Front end web developer now for over 5 years, over this time I have picked up some techniques and best practises which I work to. During my day to day job I lead a large team of Front End Developers. So this is some of the best practises and guidelines which we follow in the office.

The Art of Css Warfare