Thoughts on Dante Inferno

Dante inferno was always a game on my backlog that I wanted to play but for whatever reason I never managed to pick it up. It was recently on Games with Gold on the Xbox.  So I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to give it a look.

Thoughts on Dante Inferno

My Pokemon ORAS Team

I’m a long term fan of Pokemon, I’ve been playing since the Generation 1 days. I finally managed to play Alpha Sapphire which is the remake to one of my personal favourite Pokemon games, pokemon Sapphire.


Mass Effect DLC – Thoughts

I’m a big mass effect series fan bar the last 30mins in the third game. Its one of my favourite game series. Tail end of last year I decided to play all the mass effect games in order with all the DLC bar Pinnacle station and the fire walker.

My Thoughts on the Mass Effect DLC