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Thoughts on Dante Inferno

Dante inferno was always a game on my backlog that I wanted to play but for whatever reason I never managed to pick it up. It was recently on Games with Gold on the Xbox.  So I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to give it a look.

Thoughts on Dante Inferno

The game is made from the now defunct Visceral games who made one of personal favorites Dead Space. The game was first released early February 2010. The game is a third person hack and slash adventure. Similar to Devil May Cry and Ninja Gaiden. The story you play as Dante who has to fight through the nine circle of hell to save his beloved Beatrice from Lucifer. The game is loosely based on the Divine Comedy book unfortunately I’ve not read the book so I’m not to sure how much of the story it follows.

What I liked

  • Presentation was spot on from the cut scenes doing them as animation to the sound and level design everything is well done. With everything coming together to show a good atmosphere and world building.
  • I played the game on the zealot difficulty and I found the difficult just right and scaled correctly. I never found the game was cheap. Some of the enemies can be spongy at time but that’s only handful of time.

What I didn’t liked

  • Transitioning between the circles of hell became a chore it required precise timing when scaling the platforms
  • I think this is a curse of the time of but in certain situation the camera angle made it difficult to see certain collectables.
  • I would of liked more weapons as you only Schtye and a holy cross which is the projectile weapon. At the same time I never got bored of the weapons but near the end you just end up sticking to the same combos with little incentive to mix it up

Final thoughts

I would say this an above average game. Not a bad game not a great game just in the middle of the park. I do think if the game managed to an additional two or more sequels or these issues would of been ironed out. If you not played Devil may Cry or Bayonetta. I would recommend playing them first. However If you a fan of action games and looking for a short 6 – 10 hour campaign game Dante Inferno is a fun game with good story, good soundtrack and well balanced learning curve.

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