Mass Effect DLC – Thoughts

I’m a big mass effect series fan bar the last 30mins in the third game. Its one of my favourite game series. Tail end of last year I decided to play all the mass effect games in order with all the DLC bar Pinnacle station and the fire walker.

My Thoughts on the Mass Effect DLC

Here is my own personal ranking of all DLC in order.

Bring down the sky


It’s a not a bad DLC as such, it’s just you can tell it Bioware first expansion DLC for the mass effect universe. The synopsis of the game you have to stop an asteroid from hitting Terra Nova. A human colonised planet which Batarian pirates are trying to attack. The climax you have to choose between taking out Balak the leader of the pirates or saving some humans he holding is hostage. If choose to save the humans you get the opportunity to have a confrontation with Balak in Mass Effect 3.

It’s hard to recommend this DLC. It has no bearing on the overall story of the main game. They tried to change some of the mako exploration. But it’s not enough to go out and buy it

Thoughts:I think it’s worth skipping even most for the most die hard mass effect fans.



I really dislike the hammerhead I prefer the mako. This DLC has a lot of hammerhead mission. This DLC is saved by the last level the climax when you pulled onto Archer mind to see how he was exploited because of his unique abilities.

Thoughts: Your character build is towards Geth and you like the hammerhead this is an essential purchase.



A lot of this game you are on your own. It changes the mechanic of how the game works, it’s good the game decides to experiments, but personally I didn’t like it I had my team balanced and each party members had a set of tools which suited my playstyle. Based on what enemies I was fighting.

Thoughts: Worth playing for the interaction with Harbinger at the end and set up for the third game.

From Ashes


Me3 character selection is poor in the 2nd game with all the DLC you easily looking at having the dirty dozen strong squad. Javik character being a protean seem likes an afterthought. The first game was all about the importance of the Protheans on the universe. But Javik race is seemed as a gimmick to get people to buy the DLC.

The level where you recruit Javik is a throwback to the first game visiting Eden prime. But the level itself is just bland.

Thoughts: If you don’t have Kaiden on your team and want another biotic. Then its worth a buy. The Prothean rifle isn’t as good as the weapons in the Firefight pack or Groundside Resistance pack. So get one of them if you after a good Rifle



The objective of this DLC is you have to get omega back for Aria, from Cerberus occupation. Playing it bring back memories of the second game has you visit many of the locations in the ME2 like afterlife.

The DLC brings in two new enemies type. A new mec type and Cerberus reaper hybrid called the Adjutants. The game is all about action but lacks any stand out moments.

Final Thoughts: Would only recommend if you are Adept or infiltrator because the bonus power of Flare makes the game ridiculously unbalanced even on insanity.



This DLC is all about the story this is Bioware attempt at trying to find a way of making the ending make sense. If this was including in the game I think they would off avoided a some of the criticism they had with the original ending.

I had issues with the main hub of the game Dr Bryson lab. The CSI elements it was barely interesting the first time but two do it a further two times was just too much. They should of done something different or get rid of it all together.

I feel the main game should of been fleshed out a bit more in particular the ending. When you meet the Catalyst the whole dynamic of the conversation should be changed. But all you get is a throwaway line about mentioning its creators the leviathan.

Thoughts: Worth getting if you want a bit more closure to the ending

Kasumi – Stolen Memory


One of my favourite things about Mass Effect 2 is the varied missions not all of them are run, gun and cover. They are often mixture of objective granted their some hit and miss (Thane loyalty mission)

Most people criticise having Kasumi in the team as a thief. But I get it you going on suicide mission. Into the omega relay no ship has successfully made it through and you don’t know what to expect. So its best to bring a most diverse team you can as you don’t know what’s on the other side.

Thoughts: A good tech team member with the very useful Shadow Strike and the loyalty mission comes with the locust submachine gun.

Zaeed – The Price of Revenge


Zaeed was one of my default characters he had Inferno grenade, Disruptor ammo, Concussive shot and he had the sniper rifle and assault rifle. Making him my go to guys for a lot if the missions

Thoughts: A good back story and solid character to add to any team setup.



This is what the ending of mass effect should’ve been there is so much packed in this DLC the combat simulator, arcade game, meet up with past and present crewmates.

The story in the Dlc Shepard finds himself under attack by a mysterious group of merc. Shepard on his own tries to escapes the group and eventually meets up with his crew. You eventually find out when Cerberus was rebuilding you at the start of mass effect 2 they built a clone of you very B movie storyline. The banter between you and your crew is just awesome all throughout the DLC.

This games climax with a party for all your crew members. With loads of in Jokes with your crew mates.

My personal problem with the DLC, there’s people getting harvested on earth and throughout the galaxy and Shepard messing around playing games at the arcade.

Thoughts: If you are a fan of the series there’s is so much in jokes and nostalgia. It’s the perfect way to end Shepard story.

Lair of the Shadow Broker

Lair of the shadow broker

In ME1 the shadow broker as a hand in helping you get evidence against Saren involvement on the colonist on Eden Prime. In the second game when you catch up with Liara she seem a lot more distant and harder than she was in the first game which is explained in the DLC.

The pacing and the timing is spot on the game with top notch voice acting and a well suited soundtrack. The game involves you providing Liara with some intel so you can invade the shadow broker lair to help rescue Liara partner Feron from the shadow broker. The game involves some twist and turns including a car chase through Illium.

I also like how the shadow broker ship is available for you to visit which is basically a wiki leaks on the mass effect universe. You get files on all your crew and there’s video footage of key players in the mass effect universe.

Thoughts: Everything about this Dlc is epic the story, the action and the score. This is how Dlc should be done period.

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