My Pokemon ORAS Team

I’m a long term fan of Pokemon, I’ve been playing since the Generation 1 days. I finally managed to play Alpha Sapphire which is the remake to one of my personal favourite Pokemon games, pokemon Sapphire.


The following below is my six pokemon which I use for Double battles.


  • Moves: Knock Off, Stealh Rock, Rock Tomb, Earthquake
  • Ability: Sturdy
  • Hold Item: Left Overs

I use Donphan as my entry pokemon. Since he has the Sturdy ability I know he will survive any OHKO. I then hit my opponent my with Earthquake as it’s my Stab move. The next steps I would then either use knock off or stealth rock depending on the opponent’s team.


  • Moves: Roost, Scald, Stockpile, Hurricane
  • Ability: Keen Eye
  • Hold Item: Sea Incense

Along with Donphan, Pelipper is my entry pokemon since Donphan is attacking with Earthquake. I set Pelipper to attack with Hurricane. Then depending on the situation I will either start building up some bulk with Stockpile or go for Roost. I have Scald in there as it got the potential for burn damaged.


  • Moves: Giga Drain, Moon Blast, Sleep Powder, Toxic
  • Ability: Chlorophyll
  • Hold Item: Lax Incense

Vileplume has always been one my favorite’s since Gen 1. I use Vileplume as a status attacker with Toxic and Sleep Powder. I have Giga drain as my stab move and gives me recovery also. Moon Blast is their in case i’m fighting against Dragon and its has a 30% chance to lower Special Attack.


  • Moves: Sky Uppercut, Mirror Move, Fire Blast, Fire Pledge
  • Ability: Blaze
  • Hold Item: Life Orb

Blaziken is a glass cannon. I bring him in to hit hard and fast. As i’m playing with Life Orb I need to do as much damage as quick as possible..


  • Moves: Draining Kiss, Thunderbolt, Calm Mind, Psychic
  • Ability: Synchronize
  • Hold Item: Rocky Helmet

Depending on the situation I usually start with a Thunderbolt or Psychic. Then follow up with either a Calm mind or Draining Kiss. This build is good as Rocky Helmet and Synchronize can cause problem to my opponent plans.


  • Moves:Calm Mind, Dark Pulse, Recover, Will O Wisp,
  • Ability: Stall
  • Hold Item: Sablenite

My Sable is my MVP. This strategy helps me turn the tide in a lot of my battles. I start up evolving into Mega Sableye and hit my opponent Will O Wisp. Then use Calm minds. Whilst my opponent health goes down since I’ve hit them with a Will O wisp. If my health goes down I use Recover. By now my Special Attack should be high enough since I’ve been using Calm Mind. Then I would just use Dark Pulse to finish my opponent.

The above strategy isn’t the ultimate Pokemon team but it’s one that give me the most fun.

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