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Adding tasks to Todoist from the command line

I’ve been using Todoist for close to ten years. I find it a great tool to track my task and get ideas out of my head. There is a browser implementation and apps which works on pretty much works on every OS. Since I spend a lot of time in my code editors such as Vim and VSCode. Both which have community plugins for Todoist. However I wanted something which will work the same in all my editors which I use. The following code goes through how I wrote a simple bash script to add items to my Todoist account.

Adding tasks to todoist from the command line

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Moving from Sass to PostCss

Now that I tend to use TailwindCss for most of my projects I’ve noticed that I don’t really use Sass anymore. I was and still a huge fan of Sass/Scss and I still do use it on legacy projects. When I first started using Sass, I used to use loads of the features sass offers such as writing functions to build grids, convert px to rems and create colour palettes. But now CSS is getting increased features this isn’t the case much anymore.

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