Hey Yo

Welcome to DuaneBlake.co.uk, take your shoes and get comfy. I am a front end developer from Birmingham. I have a wide skill set base using HTML and CSS, Responsive Design, Laravel, Javascript, Seo and building wordpress themes to name but a few.

  •   Front End Development

    Using HTML and Css with a sprinkle of Javascript. I have working knowledge of backward compatibility issues of legacy browsers and experience of building responsive websites.

  •   Server Side Development

    I am mainly Front end Developer but have experience using Laravel to build web based appliactions Restfully. Familar with using both MySql and SqlLite.

  •   Wordpress Development

    Creating custom Wordpress themes from the ground up also integrating theme customiser and building plugins and shortcodes.

  •   Modern work flow

    I use Gulp for compiling and minifying sass and javascript files. I also use version control on a daily basis both SVN and GIT. I’m aware of Seo best practises and trends.

Personal Projects

Below is a showcase of my personal projects, this is a mixture of both Wordpress and Laravel. Which I have built and designed from the ground up. To see some of my career related projects. Please fill in the contact form below for sample work..

  • GoalSaver GoalSaver

    Goal saver allows you to enter your saving goal and how long it will take for you to meet that goal. The site was written in Laravel and SQLite. Gulp was used for compiling the Sass files.

  • DesignChair DesignChair

    A website providing a roundup of the best of the best design tutorials. The site has a Wordpress theme customiser so the client can update the logo and change the styles.

  • MotivationalMonday MotivationalMonday

    The site shows a brand new Motivational comment every Monday Morning. The site was built in Laravel and Sass. The site has an admin area to add and update motivational quotes.

"Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work." - Gustave Flaubert


Feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions about my work which I have done or interested in me working on some of your projects.