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Front end developer

How to Update Input Values Dynamically based on another input with Laravel and Livewire

One of the things I love about modern development tools and frameworks is how they make it so easy to do simple features. Years ago, these sorts of things I’m about to show would be some jQuery gymnastic with a prayer that it works in IE. Updating another value based on input in Livewire is a simple process with modern frameworks like Livewire and Laravel.

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Thoughts on Mirrors Edge Catalyst

I recently picked up Mirrors Edge during one of the recent Xbox store sales. At the time of its launch, I was interested in playing it because I liked the idea of a parkour first-person game.

Faith running from some secruity

Using the Chat GPT API to create a Tweet from content on a URL

With all the talk going around with Chat GPT and the latest development with AI. I decided to spend some time looking at using the API to create a very small MVP. The aim was to spend a couple of hours building a app. Where a user provides a URL and then selects from a list of predefined tones from the site, the site would then generates the tweet on that link with the chosen tone.

Using the Chat GPT API to create a Tweet from content on a URL

Changing the default validation message on an HTML input tag

Using HTML validation is a good extra protection for using server-side validation. However, I found the validation message used doesn’t always provide the user with enough context about what is wrong with the issue. I’m going to describe how to change this message.

Preventing Search engines indexing pages on your site

They may be situations when you may not want Search engines such as Google and Bing to index pages on your website. For example login pages, testing sites or basket pages. I’m going to list how to do this using the Robot.txt file and add a meta tag to the page.

Preventing Search engines indexing pages on your site