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Tae kwon do – 6th Kup – Green Belt Grading

A while back I started learning Tae Kwon Do, which is a martial arts which originated in Korea. Tae Kwon Do means Foot, Fist and way. It is well known for its dynamic kicks. The organisation I belong to is the TAGB which the largest martial arts organisation in Europe.

As I am doing my 6th Kup Grading I have wrote a quick guide for what is needed for the green belt grading.

Tagb Green belt

Three great tips for increasing product page conversion

In online retail the product page can be seen as the most important page on a website. This page has several purposes it can be a landing page, an upsell opportunity but more importantly the page should start the customer on the order process. In this post I will look at three different strategies which will help you improve your product page.