Duane Blake

Front end developer

Setting up a SSH Config File

From time to time there are occasions where I need to SSH to a server. In the past when I was on a Windows machine I would use Putty. Now that I’m using Linux on a day to day basis. I can no longer use Putty I wasn’t to keen on using the traditional way of ssh [email protected]_host. As I have several servers and I don’t always have the IP Addresses and usernames to hand. So i’m going to demonstrate how to connect to server using a SSH config file.

How to create a SSH config file

Front End Developer switching from Windows to Linux

I’ve now been using Linux on my machine at home for close to a year. I decided to go all in when I has some problems with my windows machine booting up. All of my files are stored on either onedrive, bitbucket or an external hard drive. So I took the plunge and went to using Linux full time.

Kubuntu Logo

Thoughts on Dante Inferno

Dante inferno was always a game on my backlog that I wanted to play but for whatever reason I never managed to pick it up. It was recently on Games with Gold on the Xbox.  So I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to give it a look.

Thoughts on Dante Inferno

How to create a search filter with faceting in VueJs

I’m a big fan of VueJs, It’s a great framework.  In this quick example I am going to write a Quick search that will filter out results as you type into the search box and it will also have a facet filtering similar to what you see on eCommerce sites.

How to create a search filter and facet in VueJs