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Front end developer

My most used WP-CLI commands

I’ve only just recently started WP-CLI(WordPress Command Line Interface).  It’s something I wish I started using earlier. Basically what WP-CLI does is allows you to run typical WordPress actions such as updating user passwords, removing plugins and backing up a WordPress database from the command line in the root of your WordPress installation.

Usefull WP-CLI commands

Useful Vim commands and tips

When coding I often switch between both Vim and VScode. The main thing which always impresses me is the amount of commands which are in the editor. Vim is one of them editors the more you put into it the more you get out of it. I have listed some of the command which tend to use the most.

Useful Vim commands and tips

Thoughts on Bully Scholarship Edition

Every few years a rumor always seems to pop up that a new Bully game is in the works. Bully is one of the Rockstar IP that I have never played and it seems to have a strong following. It was recently on sale on the Xbox store so I decided to take a punt and give it a play.

Thoughts on Bully Scholarship Edition

Converting Bootstraps accordions to a Vue.js component

From time to time I have to use Bootstrap it’s usually on legacy projects as I tend to prefer to use utility based frameworks such as Tailwindcss. In an attempt to make it more easier to create accordions. I decided to rewrite the Bootstrap collapse accordion code into a Vue.js component.

Converting Bootstrap collapse to a VueJS Component

Setting up a SSH Config File

From time to time there are occasions where I need to SSH to a server. In the past when I was on a Windows machine I would use Putty. Now that I’m using Linux on a day to day basis. I can no longer use Putty I wasn’t to keen on using the traditional way of ssh [email protected]_host. As I have several servers and I don’t always have the IP Addresses and usernames to hand. So i’m going to demonstrate how to connect to server using a SSH config file.

How to create a SSH config file