Changing and removing WordPress login and admin bar logo

WordPress is my goto platform for when I want need to create a simple site where I want to user to have full control of the site and make updates if needed. They may be times when you don’t want to show the site is powered by wordpress. I’m going to show how to remove references from the wordpress logo from the admin bar and change the wordpress login logo.

Changing and removing WordPress login and admin bar logo

My Pokemon ORAS Team

I’m a long term fan of Pokemon, I’ve been playing since the Generation 1 days. I finally managed to play Alpha Sapphire which is the remake to one of my personal favourite Pokemon games, pokemon Sapphire.


My Firefox Addons

Firefox popularity has struggled recently due to the rise of Google Chrome, although i use both browser on daily basis. Firefox is still my personal browser of choice for when working on desktop machines. I’m going to list my add ons which I use on a daily basis.


Current workflow using SVN

At my place of work we currently use Svn in the office for our version control. Altogether their are 10 dev which use the codebase its a mixture of four frontend developers and six backend developers. As a team we have been using SVN for over five years. I’m going to describe a high level overview of our svn workflow in the office.

svn workflow