Duane Blake

Front end developer

System notifcation in Gulp using Notify and Plumber

A bugbear when I first started using Gulp instead of using Compass for compiling my stylesheets. Was Gulp would just crashed and you had to restart gulp to get it back running. In this guide i’m going to show you how to prevent this along side showing a system notification for when it errors and when the code compiled.

System notifcation in Gulp using Notify and  Plumber

Troubleshooting the fatal WordPress white screen

Getting the white screen of death or any other error messages on your WordPress site can be a nightmare to fix but don’t panic. A lot of the time it can be easier as updating plugin. I’m going to write some of my personal steps. I use to resolve this issue.

WordPress white screen

Using Rollbar with Laravel and Laravel Envoyer

I stumbled across a great application called Rollbar which logs application error in a variety of languages such as Php, Perl, Javascript and Ruby to name but a few. It also has integration with Trello, Slack and Github.

Using Rollbar with Laravel and Laravel Envoyer

Youtube Gallery using VueJS

At work recently I created a youtube gallery widget using a mixture of jQuery and HandlebarJS. I decide to rebuild my Gallery widget but using VueJs framework something I’ve not used before.

Youtube Gallery using VueJS

Favourite matches of 2015

2015 was a a up and down year for both Wrestling and Mma. But for in ring/octagon action they’re has been loads of great matches. I decided like most site this time of the year I write a list of my favourite matches. The list isn’t in order and I’ve bound to of missed some gems.

Matches 2015